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This Guy Took a Nap, and Had a Cheetah Join Him! [VIDEO]


This guy takes a nap and has the world’s fastest land animal join him!

In most videos of cheetahs, you see them streaking across the plain in hot pursuit of some poor gazelle or other prey animal. Here’s an entirely different kind of cheetah video.

Who knew these things could get so cuddly?

Dolph C. Volker, who uploaded this cool video, says in the video’s description: “This is Eden, the most adorable, nicest, most friendly Cheetah I know.”

Apparently, Eden lives at Cheetah Experience in South Africa, a non-profit focused on breeding cheetahs.

I knew all big cats purred, but this was the first time I’ve ever heard one doing it. Crazy, Eden acts just like an attention-seeking, giant-sized house cat!

I don’t know about you, but I kind of want a cheetah of my own for a house pet now!

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This Guy Took a Nap, and Had a Cheetah Join Him! [VIDEO]