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Guy Temps Fate Hand-Feeding Giant Fish [VIDEO]

Maybe hand-feeding giant fish from the edge of this dock wasn’t such a great idea.

The people in this Sevde Kut video are clearly destined for great things. Like maybe being pirates with hook hands or something.

It’s good to have career options.

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Okay, so please don’t do this. Here at Wide Open Spaces, we don’t condone hand feeding big fish or sharks unless you’re say, wearing chain-mail.

The best part about this video is the many, many seconds his friends just watch this happen without commenting on how bad an idea this is. Don’t risk your fingers if you need them to count to ten.

But now that this clearly very intelligent young man has done it, you can at least watch him doing it, if nothing else, so you can know what never ever to do.

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Guy Temps Fate Hand-Feeding Giant Fish [VIDEO]