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This Guy Takes “Noodling” Way Too Far [VIDEO]

We’re not sure if anybody told this guy that you’re only supposed to noodle for catfish, but YOU’RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO NOODLE FOR CATFISH.

Look, we like fishing as much as the next guy. Scratch that; we like fishing a whole lot more than the next guy.

But even we think this dude is taking his commitment to fishing a little too far. In this video, a man lays on a dock, arm already bloody, and waits until a massive fish clamps down on it.

A couple of acquaintances (because you can’t really call them friends if they’re not actively trying to stop you from doing this) pull him up on to the dock. He needs their help. The fish is almost as long as this guy is tall.

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Well, there is that old saying: The fish tastes sweeter when it almost bites your hand off.

No, wait, THAT’S NOT A SAYING AT ALL. Besides, this guy just lets the fish flop off the other side of the pier, and walks calmly away.

We’re very confused, and frankly, a little upset.

We’re not sure what else can be said, other than don’t try this at home, kids.

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This Guy Takes “Noodling” Way Too Far [VIDEO]