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This Guy Swims with a Polar Bear Every Morning [VIDEO]

If you thought morning rush hour was dangerous, try jumping out of bed to swim with a polar bear every day.

That’s what Mark Dumas, a trainer in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada does with his nearly half-ton bear, Agee, whenever he gets the notion. 

In this video from Barcroft TV, Dumas takes a dip with the world largest land predator as casually as if he’s at the pool with one of his kids. Dumas playfully chases the bear into the water, then jumps in to join her as she dives and paddles around him.

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Agee has been owned by the Dumas family since she was eight weeks old. Dumas, who has a long resume working with animals in Hollywood, was approached by a film director Fraser Heston to house Agee during filming of the movie “Alaska.” Since then, Agee has regularly worked in the entertainment industry. When not in her enclosure at the Dumas home, Agee travels to perform in movies and TV advertisements.

According to Mark, the mornings are the best time to play with Agee as she is more relaxed. Since Agee was born in a zoo and could never be released in the wild, Dumas says these play times are important to keep her active and mentally healthy.

Dumas usually spends the afternoons training her for future roles, encouraging her with treats of salmon, steak, and even chocolate. Unable to feed her seal, which she’d be eating in the wild, Dumas instead serves Agee chicken, salmon, dog food, and vitamin supplements.

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This Guy Swims with a Polar Bear Every Morning [VIDEO]