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This Guy Shoots the Winchester 1873 Commemorative ‘Cowboy Style’

Watch these enthusiast take the lever action Winchester 1873 Commemorative out for a day at gun range.

As far as the history of Winchester is concerned, there may never be a gun as beautiful as the Winchester 1873 Commemorative edition. These lucky folks get the chance to feel the smooth action of this classic firearm during a day at the range.

View the video below as they fire the 1873 ‘cowboy style’!

When it comes to discussing a weapon with as much craftsmanship and history as this, the attention has to be on the detail.

This weapon boasts a fancy grade V/VI walnut straight grip stock that features a classic cut checkering and high grade oil finish. It includes a deep relief scroll engraving with gold embellishments on the silver nitride-finished receiver side plates, lifter, dust cover, crescent buttplate, and forearm cap in the classic Ulrich style. It also includes the Winchester 150th Anniversary logo and the WRA scroll trademark.

On top of those attributes, this beautiful weapon holds a deeply polished, full octagon 24 barrel with a gold band and special Winchester 150th Anniversary gold script engraving.

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This Guy Shoots the Winchester 1873 Commemorative ‘Cowboy Style’