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This Guy Shoots a .50 BMG from a Homemade Pipe Gun [VIDEO]

This guy loads a .50 BMG into a homemade pipe gun. Watch and see what happens!

The .50 BMG is not your daddy’s machine gun cartridge – it’s your great granddaddy’s!

This round officially entered service in 1921, and it’s like a .30-06 on steroids. Ever since then, we’ve found new and interesting ways to fire this little baby.

This guy just found another one.

Watching the .50 BMG blast that crazy, wannabe 12 gauge into the air just makes me nervous. This dude obviously has some experience with firearms, homemade firearms, and ammo, but brace the firing table, mister!

This is a great look at what this ammo can do. In the proper setting and with the proper weapon, the .50 BMG is a devastating round.

By all means, do not try to make this homemade pipe gun at home!

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This Guy Shoots a .50 BMG from a Homemade Pipe Gun [VIDEO]