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Guy Sets Hook on a Nice Bass, Fishing Pole Explodes [VIDEO]

It sucks when you destroy your fishing pole on a nice hook-set. As Bill Dance says: "Don't do that."

Ever have one of those days when your line breaks, the boat won't run, or your fishing pole breaks to pieces?

Sometimes the fishing gods like to have their way with us and there is nothing we can do about it, trust us.

Here's a little karma in action for all the fisherman out there who thinks that this can't happen to them.

Raise your hand if you've been down this road before.

Here are some great ways to explode, break, or otherwise destroy a nice fishing pole from the voice of experience:

  1. Step on it.
  2. Your buddy steps on it.
  3. Your buddy roles up the window on it.
  4. You slam the trunk on it. (We didn't all start out with a pickup truck)
  5. Run over it.
  6. And yes, I've exploded a prized rod by an over-the-top, crazed, maniacal, and heinously way-too-hard hook-set.

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Guy Sets Hook on a Nice Bass, Fishing Pole Explodes [VIDEO]