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Watch This Guy Scale a Fish Using Only His Fingernails

It’s hard to tell which is better: the fact that the guy is scaling it with his fingernails or his friend’s commentary.

We all have a talent or two in life that typically goes unnoticed, but is pretty handy in one single situation. The man in this video can scale a fish using just his fingernails.

In an unknown location, this video was taken of a man scaling a fish and the sound is cringe-worthy.

Warning: this video contains mature language.

I still can’t decide which is the best part of this video: the commentary or the scaling talent itself. I’m going to say this one is an even tie.

I don’t know about you, but that noise of the scales coming off definitely gave me chills, almost like nails on a chalkboard. Eek! However, I will say that scaling a live fish is borderline unethical.

Can you do something similar to this, or do you have another outdoor skill that is probably overlooked, but completely useful?


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Watch This Guy Scale a Fish Using Only His Fingernails