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Is This Guy Really Snatching New York City Pigeons for Hunting?

And now for something completely strange…

Okay…so I saw this video and had to watch it a couple times because it’s sort of weird. As you are about to see, some guy is taped walking casually past a group of bystanders, one which had a camera, and tosses a bag of New York City pigeons in the back of his van.

Like I said, sort of weird.

The caption on the video? Sarah Wagner wrote:

“So today I was officially creeped out. I was walking in the East Village, and I saw a guy feeding a whole bunch of birds…. After a while a lot of birds came and he went in his van to grab a net and proceeded to walk to the pigeons and slammed a net over them … The birds were freaking out and he carried them in the net and put them in the back seat of his van and sped off. Everyone was like WTF!.. I video taped him though . And googled and found that he has been doing it around NYC in an illegal attempt to sell them to pigeon clubs as a shooting sport.”

Allegations started flying that this pigeon snatcher was gathering as many pigeons as he could because he was selling them to hunting clubs for sport. Other people in the comments of the original post reported seeing this same thing from the same guy in different parts of the city. For some reason, they felt the same way about him selling these birds to hunting clubs.

Regardless if hunting clubs are buying these pigeons, which sounds sort of sketchy, pigeon collecting in the city is only allowed by permit. In my opinion, this cat doesn’t look like he has a permit.

Just another thought, I don’t understand what hunting clubs would do with these birds? Perhaps clubs would buy pigeons to train their dogs? I need some help here to gure this one out.

Let’s just hope he really is collecting these pigeons for some hunting club. If he isn’t, I would hate to think what he is actually doing instead!


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Is This Guy Really Snatching New York City Pigeons for Hunting?