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Video: Guy Makes an AR Lower Out of Soda Cans

Want a new AR, but can't afford it? No problem. Just collect soda cans and make one.

Everybody loves getting new guns. Unfortunately for some of us, they are just aren't in the budget. If you don't have the cash for a new AR, you can always just start collecting soda cans. No, you don't sell the cans; you melt them down and make your own AR.

Wow, this guy is dedicated and pays attention to detail. After all the time and effort put into making an AR out of aluminum cans, you could probably buy one several times over, but what's the challenge in that?

This may not be for the average do-it-yourself hobbyist. But hey, if you have the machine tools and a whole lot of extra time on your hands, give it a try.

I just hope the anti-gun nuts don't find this video and try to place a five-day waiting period on sodas!


Video: Guy Makes an AR Lower Out of Soda Cans