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This Guy Made a Survival Knife for 10 Cents

All Images Courtesy of M40's Wilderness Survival Pages

Need a blade for cheap? Check out this survival knife for 10 cents.

I may have a new hero.

Seriously, over at M40's Wilderness Survival Pages, this guy made a survival knife for 10 cents. It's small, it's compact, and it even has a saw edge to handle a project that needs a little more bite.


Made from half of a hacksaw blade (which came in a 10-pack and cost $1.99), he used only a pair of pliers and a sander to make a sharp blade that's small enough to carry in your wallet, but sharp enough to do the trick.

Since hacksaw blades are made from high carbon steel, they provide an extremely hard metal that stays sharp. And this little thing is so versatile. It's not only a knife and saw blade, it's also great to use as a spear, both on land and in water.

To make one, you just snap the hacksaw blade in half with a pair of pliers.


Then you file it down with a sander or grinder.


And yes, the blades are more brittle than is ideal, but for the pennies it costs, you can't really complain. Go ahead and make a few to throw in your pack. After all, it still is a survival knife for 10 cents.

So, when you are out in the woods and are in a dire situation you will be happy to have this cheap, but handy, survival tool.


All images courtesy of M40's Wilderness Survival Pages.

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This Guy Made a Survival Knife for 10 Cents