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Guy Loses Mind on Huge Carp He Thought Was a Bass

While fishing for bass using a jig, you just wouldn’t expect a huge carp to hit.

Bass fishing very well may be king in the United States, but a variety of other fish out there can definitely compete for the top spot, at least on pound-for-pound basis. If pursuing fish was based on the fight alone, hands down carp would be the fish to chase. As you are about to see, a bass guy using a bass jig hooks into a huge carp, but at first he thought he had a world record largemouth.

Emotions can take over pretty quickly during the heat of battle with a big fish. Luckily, all the cuss words are muted. Otherwise, this pretty funny video would be pretty much NSFW.

Just imagine if that was you. Would you not think that was a giant bass at first? Carp pretty much eat anything they can fit in their mouths just about any time of day. Hearing about a carp like that take down a football jig isn’t surprising. What is surprising though, is that it doesn’t happen more often.

Thanks for the video, guys. That sure was an awesome carp even if it wasn’t what you were after.



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Guy Loses Mind on Huge Carp He Thought Was a Bass