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This Guy Loses His Mind While Gobbling at Turkeys

Who knew gobbling at turkeys could be this much fun? 

This video may have made its round a few years ago, but in light of turkey season back upon us, this becomes a must-watch clip. What you are about to see is pure video gold. A man, gobbling at turkeys behind a cage, absolutely almost splits his spleen laughing at the bird's reaction to his call.

Here, just watch this clip and try not to laugh right along with him.

I will admit to encountering a case of the giggles when out hunting or fishing with some buddies when a joke keeps replaying in my head, but this guy might have peed himself! Every time I watch it, I can't help by find myself laughing by the time his gobble turns into the weird high-pitched moan sound you hear him make towards the end of the video.

With any luck, may all our turkey seasons be as good of a time as that this guy had gobbling at turkeys.


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This Guy Loses His Mind While Gobbling at Turkeys