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Guy Loses 2 Giant Muskies and is Surprisingly Calm About It

I've thrown my rod and pouted from missing much smaller fish than these two giant muskies. 

Pat Tyron and Slobland Flicks have seen their fair share of giant muskies. As all fishing goes, the more muskies you catch, the better you can handle yourself when another big fish presents an opportunity in the form of a follow or a strike. There's always a ton of emotions with every fish, but some people can just seemingly handle those moments on the water much better than most.

I found this video recently and was rather engaged in the conversation in the beginning of the video because I'm a huge "Game of Thrones" fan, but it's what happens at the point where the below video starts that really surprised me. Tyron is about to miss two huge muskies and is just shockingly calm about it.

Caution: If you go back to the beginning of the video, there is NSFW language, as well as in this edited clip.

When I miss a fish, it's about the equivalent of a toddler's meltdown for not getting a candy bar the grocery store. I'm just talking about small fish. This guy missed two monsters at the boat and pretty much just went back it!

Whatever zen methods Tyron is practicing I need some of it.


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Guy Loses 2 Giant Muskies and is Surprisingly Calm About It