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Coyote Triple Kill with a Bow is Impressive Stuff [VIDEO]

Accurate shooting and a little bit of luck help this hunter get a coyote triple with his bow.

Watch the video to see how it all goes down.

We’ve seen some coyotes killed with bows before, but a coyote triple is unheard of.

This hunter uses a lip squeak to draw the coyotes into range and makes some good shots when he is given the opportunity.

As coyotes expand their range, hunters looking to see more deer need to do their part in controlling these predators. In the southeast United States, only 25% of deer fawns live to three months of age and coyotes are the number one killer of fawns.

This hunter did the deer herd in his area a huge favor by killing these coyotes and he’s got an awesome video to help him remember the hunt.

Even if you don’t get three at once, get out and take care of some dogs in your hunting area to see more deer season success. Also, remember to take plenty of arrows when you go hunting. You never know when something like this could happen to you.

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Coyote Triple Kill with a Bow is Impressive Stuff [VIDEO]