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Guy Freaks out During Orca Encounter [VIDEO]

This guy freaks out during an orca encounter in the Puget Sound. 

Filmed just south of Anderson Island, this video features a man having an understandable freakout during an orca encounter.

At one point he says, “Not super comfortable with this guys.”

Watch this video and you’ll understand why.

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Imagine suddenly seeing a huge orca swimming around just below your boat, it would definitely make your day bait more exciting.

Many people hope to have an orca encounter in their lives, although most would agree they wouldn’t want it to happen like this. Thankfully during this orca encounter the whales didn’t breach the water near the boat, but they certainly were close.

Overall this orca encounter went well, but maybe next time this guy should stay a little closer to the shore, just to be safe.

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Guy Freaks out During Orca Encounter [VIDEO]