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Guy in China Adopts Dogs, But Then Finds Out They Are Bears


Two “pet dogs” were raised by a man in China for two years, but finds out they are actually Asian black bears.

A man in China recently discovered that his beloved dogs are actually endangered Asian black bears.

Wang Kaiyu, from Yunnan Province in China, was working on his banana farm, when a Vietnamese man showed up with two good-looking pups. The man who sold the “pups,” claimed they were good watch dogs.

Kaiyu raised his pets very carefully and bathed and groomed them daily, but he began to realize that his pets didn’t behave like dogs. It wasn’t long until the bears’ appetites grew and they started to capture and eat Kaiyu’s chickens.

Kayiu eventually figured out that his “pet dogs” were actually second-class, nationally-protected animals in China when he saw a wildlife protection exhibition by local forestry.

Kayiu stated, “I love them [pets] so much. Some people had offered to buy them for a lot of money, but I never agreed.”

He later contacted the local public security bureau and the bears were sent to a rescue center.

The bears are now in good health at the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center of Yunnan.

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Guy in China Adopts Dogs, But Then Finds Out They Are Bears