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This Guy Catches Two Huge Bass on One Crankbait [VIDEO]

huge bass

In an unbelievable stroke of luck, this fisherman lands two huge bass with one crankbait. 

It’s not everyday an angler can reel in two fish at the same time, but the guy in this video wrangled up a couple huge bass with only one cast.

Watch this clip below of an impressive fishing trip, the likes of which you’ll probably never see again.

Those were some huge bass and they were both reeled in on one crankbait setup. How lucky can one angler be to snag two huge bass with a single cast?

According to the guys in the video one bass weighed about ten pounds and the other probably tipped the scales at five pounds. The fact that both of these huge bass were caught at the same time make this fishing trip that much more exhilarating.

Keep in mind you don’t have to catch two fish at once next time you go fishing, but if you do you better film it as it could be the next viral hit.

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This Guy Catches Two Huge Bass on One Crankbait [VIDEO]