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Huge Black Bear Almost Snacks on Oblivious Guy Texting

Texting and driving is dangerous, but apparently so can texting and walking when there's a bear around.

A big black bear roaming through a residential area is being filmed by the local news station from a helicopter. The bear takes a stroll down the sidewalk, then pauses to take a look at a few trash cans, probably thinks about turning them over to check for food, but then turns and makes it's way down an alley.

At the same time, some poor guy with his eyes glued to his phone is walking down that same alley ... directly towards the bear.

Can you imagine walking to your car on the way to work, checking your text messages or sending an email, and you casually look up to check your path and there is a giant black bear coming right at you only a few feet away?

How quickly does fear enter the body? I would imagine in this situation that it happens pretty quickly, because this guy spun around and turned on the jets.

Talk about your all-time best excuse for being late to work. "Boss, you have to believe me, there was this huge black bear..."

Good luck with that one.


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Huge Black Bear Almost Snacks on Oblivious Guy Texting