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The Gut Knot is a Field Dressing Trick You Have to Remember

Tim Kjellesvik

Learn the gut knot to ease your field dressing.

Like a grown-up version of the game Operation, field dressing your deer without any of the animal’s waste coming in contact with the meat can sometimes be tricky…until now.

The technique shown in this video is something I started doing to give me a larger margin of error as I cut through the pelvis to remove the colon.

We work too hard killing deer just to have our prized venison contaminated by loose scat from removing the intestines. Before the video started, I picked a spot on the intestine to severe but before doing that, I had massaged the scat inside away from either side of the incision point.

With the scat pushed back a solid five inches from where I cut, it allowed me to tie off the intestine without any of the contents escaping. After the intestine is tied off, I’m free to saw open the pelvis to cut out the rest of the tract. Use this technique for a partial field dress if you don’t have the right knife, saw or time in the field.


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The Gut Knot is a Field Dressing Trick You Have to Remember