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Guntry Clubs Are the New Breed of Shooting Clubs

Guntry Clubs are attracting younger and more diverse groups of shooting enthusiasts than traditional shooting clubs. Here’s why.

These “guntry clubs” are targeting a younger, more affluent, style-focused, increasingly female, and environmentally conscious shooters, according to the Washington Post.

Gun clubs like the newly opened Elite Shooting Sports in Manassas, Virginia look more like high-end restaurants or banks than shooting ranges. These luxurious ranges feature gun vaults, lounges, and even pastry cafes.

guntry wos

Guntry clubs are thriving due to increased demand for firearms and shooting opportunities. Gun sales have doubled since 2005 and shifted from hunting weapons to self defense handguns and AR-15s. The average new target shooter is 33 years old, and 37% are female. Of those new shooters, 47% live in urban or suburban areas, leading to a surge in demand for shooting ranges.

Athletes and celebrities are getting in on the action too. Lebron James recently visited a Miami guntry club to shoot some fully automatic machine guns.

james gun wos

Think all this luxury is out of your price range? Think again. Memberships at the new Elite Shooting Sports start at $34.95 a month or you can pay $20/hour for range time.

Guntry clubs are popping up all over the country and it looks like this trend is here to stay. As one veteran gun owner commented on a Glock forum,

I couldn’t help but feel something amiss whenever you go to a boutique, fancy gun store versus a hole-in-the-wall store. But the thought of being able to smoke a nice cigar after some blasting does sound deliciously inviting.

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Guntry Clubs Are the New Breed of Shooting Clubs