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R. Lee Ermey of ‘GunnyTime’ Talks Gear at SHOT Show 2016

SHOT Show 2016 saw many shooting celebrities on the floor, available for questions. One of the most popular names was Gunny R. Lee Ermey. 

The Gunny is coming out with season two of “GunnyTime” on Outdoor Channel.

GunnyTime” is a show all about shooting and spending time outdoors with your favorite weapons. Gunny takes you to some remote locations, and shoots some of the most awesome weapons that our military, police, and competition shooters have access to today.

“GunnyTime” was nominated for five Outdoor Sportsman Awards, and was the victor for the Best New Series category. Shooting for “GunnyTime” starts shortly and the new episodes will be available in July. Gunny says that we’re in for lots of surprises including tanks, and lots of machine guns. Men and women are going to love the big explosions coming on Season 2 of “GunnyTime”.


Ermey says he is the luckiest man in the world because he’s always ready to go to work on “GunnyTime”.

Gunny has been to SHOT Show 14 times, and stays from beginning to end. He spends his time at the Glock booth, Tru-Spec booth, and now the Creedmore Ammunition booth.

Gunny says, “If it’s used outdoors it will be at SHOT Show.” He couldn’t be more accurate with that statement.

Glock has been working with the Gunny for quite some time now and Gunny says they just work as he’s personally never experienced any malfunctions with a Glock pistol. Glock is going to be taking care of Gunny for the second season of “GunnyTime” so we should be seeing some awesome Glock pistols put through the toughest conditions.

Gunny Ermey is also the spokesman for the Tru-Spec brand of tactical clothing. Gunny wears their products on the filming set of “GunnyTime” so that viewers can see really how dependable their clothing line is. Shooting from many positions, and from many different types of terrain, Gunny stresses that this brand of tactical clothing doesn’t quit. If the Gunny still has energy to keep going he’s firmly convinced that the Tru-Spec brand will be there to keep him looking sharp.

I want to thank Kathleen from Outdoor Channel for helping arrange this meeting with Gunny Ermey. As a Marine myself who grew up always watching anything the Gunny was featured in, I can definitely say this was a once in a lifetime event that I will remember for many SHOT Shows to come.

Stay vigilant, and follow your idols. You just might meet them one day!

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R. Lee Ermey of ‘GunnyTime’ Talks Gear at SHOT Show 2016