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Gunman Shot by Pokemon Go Player with Concealed Carry Permit

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These would-be thieves picked the wrong group of Pokemon players to rob. 

A Pokemon Go player appears to have stopped an attempted robbery after shooting a gunman in Las Vegas.

The Associated Press reports this latest bizarre incident involving the augmented reality game happened Monday at around 4 a.m. A group of six people were playing the game in a Gary Reese Freedom Park when a vehicle pulled up to the group.

The underage driver of the car and a gunman demanded the group's possessions. Unknown to the would-be robbers, one of the Pokemon players had a concealed carry permit.

The details of what happened next are a little unclear according to the Associated Press, but it appears a short firefight ensued in which at least one of the suspects was hit. He was later treated at a hospital for his non-life threatening wounds. He and the driver of the vehicle, who was underage, are expected to be hit with charges in the incident.

One of the players in the group was also hit in the stomach during the firefight, but it's not clear if it was the player with the concealed carry permit. The player's condition is also uncertain at this time.

Police haven't confirmed the Pokemon players were specifically targeted, but if they were, it wouldn't be the first time. Shortly after the game was released, four teens were lured to a location by Pokemon Go and robbed in St. Louis.

The Associated Press does report online chatter indicates the park is a popular spot for Pokemon players to capture a monster known as Magikarp in the game.

The self-defense incident is just the latest in a series of bizarre headlines involving Pokemon Go. A Texas teen made major news when he was bitten by a copperhead while not paying attention playing the game.

In another incident, some players were suspected of being robbers in Florida. It led to them being shot at by a homeowner. In Guatemala, another teenager was shot to death after breaking into a house in an attempt to capture a Pokemon.

There is no denying at this point this game is a global phenomenon. It has caused authorities in many areas to issue statements about common-sense things for players to be aware of while playing.


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Gunman Shot by Pokemon Go Player with Concealed Carry Permit