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Gundog Training App Review [PICS]

Training your gun dog? There’s an app for that! Fetch it for free now!

If you are just starting to train a puppy or keeping your hunting buddy sharp, it can be difficult to create a training plan from a book or DVD. The Gundog app allows you to select what lesson you would like to use and provides you with a detailed description and picture of each lesson.

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Each lesson has a star rating for difficulty. There are 51 lessons total with varying degrees of difficulty from one to five stars.



The app works offline so you are able to train anywhere at anytime. The easy-to-follow lessons will allow you to maximize your training time, especially when training puppies with short attention spans.


The lessons in this app will help you train upland, duck retrieving, or even shed hunting dogs.


Every dog is different and this app allows you to quickly choose a lesson, advance to the next lesson or repeat a previous lesson. This is a must-have app for any gun dog owner!

The Gundog app is available for free on the App Store.

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Gundog Training App Review [PICS]