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Gun TV: Home Shopping Channel For Guns To Launch In 2016

Gun TV Home Shopping Channel For Guns To Launch In 2016
The Guardian

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a gun from a home shopping network, you’re about to get your chance. Gun TV, a home shopping channel for guns will be begin airing in 2016.

The home shopping network of channels is no longer just for women to buy jewelry or home decor. Gun TV, a home shopping channel for guns, will be launching in the United States in early 2016.

Gun TV will feature experts demonstrating all of the features of the guns for sale. Gun TV also plans to sell ammunition, gun accessories, and clothing.

If a viewer sees something that they like, ordering is as simple as calling a toll-free number or ordering on the TV show’s web site. However, firearms ordered on Gun TV will not be shipped directly to the buyer.

In compliance with federal regulations, all orders must be shipped to a federally licensed gun dealer. The buyer may only take possession of the firearm from the dealer after passing a background check conducted by the dealer.

Gun TV plans to launch on January 20, 2016 via several satellite and cable television providers and initially broadcast seven nights a week from 1am to 7am Eastern Time. Their goal is to broadcast 12 hours a day by the end of the first year and eventually broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

According to Valerie Castle, one of the co-founders of Gun TV:

Our broadcast setting is going to demonstrate the products and we’re going to tell the backstory on the manufacturer, on the materials used to make these products, what kind of wood has gone into the making of the rifle, for example, how it feels to hold it.

Additionally, Gun TV will also feature shooting demonstrations by former members of the military and law enforcement personnel along with Olympic medal winners and the winners of the reality TV show Top Shot.

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Gun TV: Home Shopping Channel For Guns To Launch In 2016