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Gun Trends Focusing on Personal Protection for Women

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Personal protection is going in a direction where it should have been all along.

Indianapolis is home to the Pacers, Colts, and the Indy 1500, not to mention all the other great events that make a tradition out of visiting the Hoosier capital. The events that come to this city is where the real excitement lies for a lot of people that call this city home.

For example, the Indy 1500, one of the largest gun shows in the country, makes a stop there a few times year. I made the trip down to this show and talked with several dealers about any new trends in personal precaution guns that they are seeing. What they said blew me away.

The biggest trend that gun brokers and dealers are seeing is the rise of women in the personal protection industry. More and more guns are catering to a smaller-framed person to allow for greater concealment while still being effective. Hammerless options, that can allow a woman to carry a revolver in her purse without risk of snagging the hammer, sold out at this three-day trade show by the close of the first day. Revolvers are also much easier to use: just point and shoot.

Ruger LCR

Another gun that was scarce at the show was any gun that was concealable and had a built-in laser. I carried my own .380 Bodyguard by Smith and Wesson, and received offers for it off the side of my hip that far exceeded I initially paid for it.

These guns are compact and once the laser is turned on, it removes any doubt of where the gun is being pointed. This is the very reason that this gun is my wife's weapon of choice.

S&W Bodyguard

What really shocked me the most was the rise of the Judge, from Taurus. I always saw this gun as sort of a novelty, but at this gun show, and all shows right now according to dealers, it is currently the gun with the highest demand. As a matter of fact, most dealers I talked with can't keep them in stock.


All the dealers had the same reason for such high demand. Simply put, any person who has little experience shooting a firearm can shoot a .410 shotgun shell at their intended target and be highly effective at close range. After talking with several women at the show carrying these guns, they like the feeling that one shot is all they will ever need.

The rise of women in hunting and fishing is pretty evident, and the now the rise of women in the shooting industry is taking off. It's great to see and I really look forward to where we can all take this industry together.

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Gun Trends Focusing on Personal Protection for Women