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Gun-Toting Elderly Woman Saves Pawn Shop from Robbery [VIDEO]

When robbing a gun store, it’s likely safe to assume the employee has a gun.

This report comes out of Springdale, Arkansas, where an attempted robbery at a gun and pawn shop backfired on two men who are now behind bars.

Springdale Police say the men, 25 and 20 years old, are in custody after the altercation caught on security cam at C and S Pawn and Gun. Watch as Shirley Cornett pulls out her .38 revolver and sends a message.

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No one was seriously injured in the altercation, as Shirley was struck by a bullet, but only after it was slowed by a thick stack of books. The robber she shot was wounded on the arm.

This isn’t the first time C and S has been robbed, and not the first time shots were exchanged. Maybe, after seeing what Shirley can do, criminals will think twice before hitting it again.

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Gun-Toting Elderly Woman Saves Pawn Shop from Robbery [VIDEO]