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Gun-Toting Brock Lesnar Makes a Fruit Salad [VIDEO]

Shotgun Fruit Salad is the manliest way to eat fruit ever.

Current WWE Heavyweight Champ and former UFC Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar maintains a strict regimen to stay at his peak physical condition. I'm sure his diet is loaded with massive amounts of protein, and I'm sure that protein is accompanied by a reasonable amount of carbs through vegetables and the like.

And oh yes, even heavyweight champs eat fruit. Brock Lesnar just does it differently than the normal American.

If his credentials weren't enough proof to show the type of rough and tough guy that he is, take a look at this video from Federal Premium Ammunition as Lesnar shows us how to make fruit salad--backwoods style.

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Brock Lesnar uses a shotgun. At 6'3" tall and 286 pounds, Lesnar could probably eat a whole cow if he wanted to. But, even he knows fruit is necessary to any healthy diet.

Say what you will about his food presentation, but I guarantee you Martha Stewart couldn't and wouldn't do that.

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Gun-Toting Brock Lesnar Makes a Fruit Salad [VIDEO]