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Gun-Toting Bandits in Brazil Try to Rob Off-Duty Cop [VIDEO]

Two Brazilian thieves on a motorcycle thought they had an easy target, but what they really found was an off-duty cop with a loaded weapon.

According to YouTube user Caught on Dashcams or CCTV, it’s become common in Brazil for thieves working in groups to rob people who have just withdrawn large amounts.

Usually an inside man lets someone outside know who it is, and then they follow the unsuspecting person to rob them.

This time, these thieves ran into a brick wall, better known as an off-duty police officer, and it cost one of them more than their freedom.

In this case, the rider on the motorcycle brandishing the weapon was the lucky one. Although caught with two other people and probably serving a long prison sentence, he’ll get the chance to live a while longer.

The operator of the motorcycle died of his wounds.

We’re not the only country in the world that has gun violence, and we’re not the only country that has law enforcement officers that are trained to use their firearms.

This police officer was trained to react calmly to such a situation and came through unharmed.

If everyone had the same training and knowledge, would the thieves still target us?

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Gun-Toting Bandits in Brazil Try to Rob Off-Duty Cop [VIDEO]