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Gun-Toting 82-Year-Old Grandma Takes Down Giant Elk [VIDEO]

When this grandma decides she wants to go elk hunting, only a giant elk will do. 

82-year old Margaret Lunt is a hunter’s hunter. She grew up chasing deer with her father, but recently got into elk hunting with her son.

This year she decided she wanted to bag a giant elk and, as luck would have it, she did.

See for yourself exactly how it all went down in this news clip.

“I love to be in the mountains, I love to be there,” said Lunt. “I love to be there with my son and my husband.”

This whole trip started out at target practice, where Lunt really showed her hunting merit.

“It was awesome, I hit the bulls eye right off!” she said.

While on the elk trip, they struck on the first day but still saw a lot of action.

“We hunted until dark, oh, we saw so many elk and heard the bugling but nothing was close enough to shoot at so, we just enjoyed that part of the hunt,” replied Lunt.

The next morning and four miles of hiking later, Lunt dropped the hammer on an 800-pound giant bull elk.

“I was really excited, I couldn’t believe it, I just could not. I could not believe it,” Lunt exclaimed.

Since Lunt bagged her giant bull elk this year, she isn’t allowed to apply for another bull elk permit for five more years.

Fortunately, she plans to apply for a cow elk tag next year.

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Gun-Toting 82-Year-Old Grandma Takes Down Giant Elk [VIDEO]