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This Gun Store Owner is Jacked Up on Rip It and Wants to Sell You Guns

Rip It

This gun store owner posts hilarious weekly videos that involve a lot of guns and a whole lot of Rip It.

We've all got that one thing. That one product or brand that we absolutely love. We tell everyone we know about it. We might even have their logo plastered in the back window of our truck. It's almost as if that product is part of our lifestyle.

That couldn't be more true for this small-town gun store owner, Andrew Hanson, who runs Gunway in rural South Dakota. In a hilarious weekly video series, Hanson discusses the store's new products and weekly specials... but not before chugging an ice-cold Rip It.

Hanson, an army vet, opens each video with a tribute to his favorite beverage before trying to sell you his new stock of guns. Attentive viewers will quickly notice how effective the energy drink is as Hanson kicks into gear. Check out the videos here or by clicking below.

Rip It

Watching a few of his videos, a few things become very clear about Hanson: he loves freedom, and he sure loves Rip It.

Most of the videos are 5-7 minutes long. Hanson begins with the store's lowest priced featured items and works his way up to the most expensive. Each of the video posts concludes the same way. Hanson suggests that "If you can't be safe, be deadly." Oh, and he slams more Rip It.

Rip It Energy is a highly caffeinated energy drink distributed by National Beverage Corp. The energy drink has a long and controversial history in the military overseas. Known for its ability to pack a powerful punch into a small, inexpensive can, the energy drink is the favorite of many civilians and military alike.

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This Gun Store Owner is Jacked Up on Rip It and Wants to Sell You Guns