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Gun Shooting Drone Declared Legal in Connecticut [VIDEO]

declared legal

The now famous video of a gun shooting drone has been declared legal by the Clinton police department.

Last week we brought you the video of a handgun that had been attached to a drone and was able to successfully fire off live rounds. Now thanks to the Clinton, Connecticut police department and the Connecticut State Police we have learned that the drone can actually be declared legal.

Quickly after the video went viral it was discovered that the contraption was designed by 18-year-old Austin Haughwout from Clinton, Connecticut.

Clinton Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jeremiah Dunn said, “We determined that, if it’s used in the way that it’s used in that video, it does not appear to violate any current state statute.”

The “current state statute” part of that sentence worries many drone operators, thinking that Haughwout’s actions will cause new rules and regulations to affect the drone operating community.

Gun advocates have chimed in as well, like Scott Wilson, the president of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League who says “As long as the bullets that are being projected from the firearms are going to a safe direction and they’re hitting a backstop of some sort it could in fact be a very safe tool that this young engineer has designed.”

Find out more with the full report from News8 WTNH in Connecticut.

What do you think about gun firing drones? Should they be legal or should we put more restrictions on things like this to make sure these inventions don’t get in the wrong hands?

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Gun Shooting Drone Declared Legal in Connecticut [VIDEO]