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Gun Safety Lesson: One Man's Story of How He Shot His Finger Off

shot his finger off

One moment can change your life forever.

When this man had a negligent discharge, his finger paid the ultimate price.

Watch and listen to this man's cautionary tale of how quickly his life changed as a result of one mistake.

It all changed in a moment. This shooter was practicing his draw when the unthinkable happened.

How could this have been prevented? We don't recommend practice-drawing with live ammo, but you could get snap caps to practice with. Also, be careful of where you practice, as a negligent discharge may miss you but hit a bystander.

We'd also like to give a special thanks to YouTuber Caleb Downing for sharing his story as a lesson for others to learn from. Be careful out there, as even the professionals aren't exempt from a preventable gun accident.

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Gun Safety Lesson: One Man's Story of How He Shot His Finger Off