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Texas Leads States in Gun Purchase Background Checks

The most gun purchase background checks came from perhaps the most gun-centered state.

Last year, Texas had more National Instant Criminal Background Checks for the purchasing of firearms than any other state, totaling more than 1.6 million.

According to recently-released data, Texas led the way, with Kentucky, California and Illinois rounding out the top four. Texas was not the per capita leader; that spot goes to Kentucky, which saw nearly one third of its population apply for a gun purchase.

A total of 1,633,278 NICS background checks were recorded in the Lone Star state, bringing the per capita ratio to one out of every 16 Texans. Keep in mind that the data is not entirely scientific, as background checks may not necessarily lead to sales. Nonetheless, a 14 percent increase for the state’s background checks is a good indication that Texans are still buying guns.

This marks the first time in five years that Texas has led the way in gun purchase background checks.

The NICS is fronted by the FBI and serves as the go-to process for federally-approved firearms dealers to determine the legitimacy of their potential customers.

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Texas Leads States in Gun Purchase Background Checks