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Gun Podcasts: Training on Your Phone [PICS]


Podcasts are the new talk radio.

As technology advances, so too does the accessibility of information and entertainment. By now, most people have heard about this thing called a “podcast.” A podcast is basically a self-contained radio talk show that can be disseminated via the internet to phones, iPods, computers and other electronic devices. Once downloaded, you are able to listen to an episode of a podcast anywhere you like. In the car, at the gym, even laying in bed trying to fall asleep.

Podcasts became popular with the advent of the iTunes software and when the first iPods were available to the public. People found that they could record an hour’s worth of a radio show and then share it with people and they would listen to it. And come back for more. Information was being shared socially now like a newspaper or magazine, only in audio form.

Many podcasts on various subjects started to spring up all over the place. Some caught on and exploded on the scene. Others just quietly faded away. Anyone today can have a podcast, as long as you have the ability to record yourself, you too can spread your word to the masses.

Getting Started

It’s very easy to start listening to podcasts, and get hooked. iPhones and iPods already have the native app. You will need to find one that you like for Android or Windows. Then simply use your podcatcher app to search for the podcast or type of podcast you are looking for.


Gun Podcasts

One subject area that has taken off over the last few years are the gun-related podcasts. With more and more new shooters getting into the sport, there is a craving for new and updated information.

Podcasts have been one of those media that has excelled at bringing all kinds of information to the firearms industry and keeping it entertaining at the same time. There are reloading podcasts, self-defense podcasts, guns and gear review podcasts. There are even podcasts dedicated to competition.

Here are some suggestions of podcasts that I enjoy listening to each week that are related to guns:

We Like Shooting:

Full of guns, gear, reviews and laughs, the “We Like Shooting” crew is incredibly funny, knowledgeable and nice. I have been listening to them since episode 1. They always have some of the neatest topics and guests.

And the best part is most of their guests are just everyday people who like guns like you and me.

Part of the Firearms Radio Network, Shawn, Aaron, Zak, Lil , Jeremy, Nick and Savage can be found at and you can search your podcast player for “we like shooting.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.44.02 AM

Student of the Gun Radio:

Each week, Paul and Jared Markel take some time to bring you news, philosophies and training ideas near and dear to their heart. Paul is an instructor, former police officer and former Marine. He has a straight-forward, in-your-face, no-holds-barred way of telling you the reality. And I like that.

It’s a little more serious, but that is always nice change of pace. Feel free to ask them a question via their Facebook page or forums and they may choose to read yours on air! “Remember, you are a beginner once, but you should be, a student for life.”

You can find Paul and Jared at and you can search your podcast player for “student of the gun.”

Practically Tactical: 

Practically Tactical is a podcast and live show. Every week there is a special guest or two from the firearms industry and spend about an hour or so talking with us about guns, gear, shooting, tactics, or self-defense. But their topics vary every episode!

Also part of the Firearms Radio Network, Nick, the host of Practically Tactical can be found at and just search for “practically tactical” in your podcast player.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.52.47 AM

These are just three of the many, many podcasts out there related to guns. You can spend weeks looking for ones you like, but these above are great ones to get your started on listening to podcasts on a regular basis.

Remember, it is up to you to stay informed with the changes in laws and in the firearms industry. A podcast is a great way to glean this information quickly.

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Gun Podcasts: Training on Your Phone [PICS]