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Gun Myths: Cutting the Hangman’s Rope [VIDEO]

Can you actually cut a rope with a bullet?

The tumbleweeds roll in the breeze as a man is led to the gallows. A small group of friends and family have gathered to see him off. Stepping to the top of the platform, the hangman places the rope around his neck. “Any last words?”

Looking down, the accused shakes his head no. The lever is pulled and the man drops. All of a sudden a shot rings out and the man drops to the ground, saved! All heads turn and there is Jerry Miculek sitting astride his horse. Lowering his rifle, he nods and rides off into the sunset.

Well, sort of. In this video Jerry has decided to take on the myth of cutting a rope with a bullet. Think it’s possible? Let’s see.


As you can see, it’s not as easy as you would think. It takes a nice rifle to do it. But it is possible. How about that!

Of course, knowing how Jerry likes to amp things up just a little, a .50 BMG round will do the job just as well! Nothing like an excuse to shoot a .50 BMG Barrett.

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Gun Myths: Cutting the Hangman’s Rope [VIDEO]