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Gun Lovers Gift Guide: What’s In Your Stocking?

We are proud to introduce the latest addition to the Wide Open Spaces contributor team, Anette Wachter. Anette is a member of the US National Rifle team, and holds three civilian records at 300 yards. For her first guest post, she’s helping people find ideal gifts for their gun nut friends and family members. Find out more about Anette and read more of her posts at

Gun lovers alike all wish for Santa to bring gifts of big guns and ammunition. But sometimes that might be a bit too much for the gift giver. So I have good news for you gun loving gift givers of gun nuts. Say that three times fast!

You can still fill their stockings with items that won’t break the bank and yet get something that person might not buy for themselves. Yes, ammo boxes do fit in the stocking, but can we please be more creative? From plinkers to tactical ninjas, we have you covered with some fun products.

1. For the cleaner in the family. My first idea even comes in a holiday color that will brighten the AR platform fanatic any day. JP Enterprises has their Cleaning Rod Guide in bright Christmas red. Available in blue as well the guide will protect the crown, throat and chamber of your prized AR-15-type rifle in .223 or 308. Price: $38.95 for .233 and $42.95 for 308.

JProdguide (1)

JP Cleaning Rod Guide

2. For the “plinker” or “reloader” in your life. Surprise him or her with digital calipers from Hornady. These are great for those of us with older eyes. I need my glasses to read my non-digital calipers. The extra large LCD screen takes care of the visual issues. Why did I not think of this before? Find it at for $21.99.


Hornady Calipers

3. For the tactical guy or gal. How about a skid plate for your tactical rifle? Even if you don’t find yourself up on a metal tower shooting off of a steel bar very often, you may still want this for the cool factor. Made by a veteran-owned company, Hard Target Innovators (HTI), the skid plate adds some cushion and stability as you rest your rifle on a hard surface. Your rifle will not bounce off the hard surface as you shoot. I really needed this at a match recently. I had to “MacGyver” a sand bag with duct tape on the front hand guard. I must say I was proud of my scrappiness, but the skid plate would have been less bulky and looked more refined. I am all about looks.

Hard-Target-Innovations-Skid-Plate-and-Sling-618x412 (1)

Hard Target Innovators Skid Plate

4. For the long range shooter. Learn from one of the best with Nancy Tompkins’ book “Prone and Long Range Shooting.” Nancy has been shooting and competing for over 38 years. She has won the US Long Range Nationals four times and I can’t even count how many other trophies she has accumulated. This book will instruct you on equipment, positions, technique and most importantly, wind reading. Whether you shoot iron sights or F-Class, this book is awesome. I personally get to shoot with Nancy often and am coached by her on the US Team. I soak up every word she says. Find her book here, it’s $45 for the hard cover and worth every penny.

Nancytompkinsbook (1)

Prone and Long Range Rifle Shooting, by Nancy Tompkins

5. For the Gun Loving Ladies. I cannot let a gift guide go by without sharing my line of “Bullet Bling” jewelry. The most recent addition to my line is the “Pretty in 1911” recycled fine silver pistol pendant necklace. Made of Precious Metal Clay, it is hand cut and embossed with a floral and butterfly pattern and then a colored patina is added to the embossed pattern and the raised silver is polished to a high shine. Each is hand made to order. A 16” sterling silver chain and lobster clasp are included. You can find this and more bullet jewelry at my store, the 1911 Necklace is $65 and is shipped in a jewelry box with pink camouflage ribbon.

pistols (1)

Bullet Bling Jewelry made personally by Anette

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Gun Lovers Gift Guide: What’s In Your Stocking?