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Gun in Sock Goes off at Kansas HS Graduation, Shoots Two People

Two people accidentally get shot at a Kansas HS graduation ceremony after a gun goes off in a sock. 

A 37-year Augusta, KS man and a woman suffered minor injuries on Sunday after a gun went off at a local high school graduation ceremony. According to police reports, the bullet hit the man and then ricocheted roughly 50 feet and hit a 28-year-old woman in the media box below. The bullet ultimately struck her leg.

"An individual sitting on the southern portion of the stadium had brought this gun into the stadium. It was in his sock," said police Chief Tyler Brewer, director of public safety. "It was uncomfortable for him. He went to adjust his sock, and the weapon went off, striking him in the foot."

"It doesn't look like they are life-threatening injuries at this point in time," Brewer said. "We are still investigating." Interestingly enough, the stadium is a gun-free zone that is marked by a "no-gun" sign. The man now faces a misdemeanor charge of criminal use of a weapon.

As a result of this accident, some of called Kansas' concealed carry laws into question. Here's more about the current law in place, with respect to carrying in school stadiums:

Kansas law states conceal carry holders can bring guns onto school grounds, but not into school buildings. So if you consider the stadium part of the grounds, such as the parking lot, then this man had every right to bring his gun to the graduation ceremony since it was being held inside the football stadium.

Anti-gunners will argue this accident is common among firearms, when it's actually not the case. While the armed man could have chosen a better method to store his firearm, there is no explicit prohibition of firearms from school stadiums according to state law. He could have, however, carried his firearm safely in a holster to have prevented this from happening.

Remember to carry wisely and smartly, everyone!


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Gun in Sock Goes off at Kansas HS Graduation, Shoots Two People