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Tactical Walls Has Perfected the Fine Science of Gun Hiding [VIDEO]

Ever had problems deciding the best places for gun hiding? Tactical Walls has you covered with their ingenious, sleek, magnetically-locked shelves and drawers.

One of the biggest problems firearm owners have is finding a proper and safe place for gun hiding. Whether it be for the safety of children, or easy access in case of an emergency, picking the best spot to store your guns can be a tricky and dicey proposition.

Some would say a gun safe is the obvious answer. I would agree that a safe is the “safest” way to store guns, but, gun safes may also prevent quick access in case of emergency. Moreover, not many gun owners keep their gun safes at arm’s length. If the safe is meant to hide the guns, more than likely it’s in a place which will require far too long to access when the gun is needed most.

So where is the best place to keep your guns?

Tactical Walls has the answer—hide them safely in plain sight. Between wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors, and bookshelves, Tactical Walls showcases a safe and smart way to hide your weapons. Take a look at this video from Funker Tactical – Gun & Gear Videos showing some of the really cool products Tactical Walls provides:

Here is some other clever gear which you should check out

This very well could be the greatest invention since sliced bread.

Where do you hide your guns? Leave your comments in the comments section below.

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Tactical Walls Has Perfected the Fine Science of Gun Hiding [VIDEO]