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Gun Group Will Pay $15,000 If You Buy Them a Carbon Fiber 3D Printer [VIDEO]


Defense Distributed just wants a carbon fiber 3D printer, and they will pay you handsomely for getting them one.

Austin-based non-profit Defense Distributed is pushing the envelope of at-home, DIY gun building. Driving that movement are the capabilities of 3D printers, which the company has already used to create plastic guns and AR-15 lower receivers.

MarkForged is a company that has recently unveiled the first carbon fiber 3D printer. That means stronger, more durable material for more practical uses. Like building better guns.

Defense Distributed’s founder Cody Wilson preordered the carbon fiber 3D printer for $8,000. Then their money was returned, with a message that MarkForged would not sell them one, on account of their terms of service which stated the machines could not be used to build firearms.

That hasn’t stopped Wilson. In a response, he’s asking the world for one of these printers, and he’ll pay handsomely for it.

Here’s what the carbon fiber 3D printer can do, as shown off by MarkForged.


MarkForged is the latest in a list of recent companies putting distance between themselves and the idea of making 3D-printed guns. IndieGoGo pulled Defense Distributed’s first fundraising attempts in 2012, and UPS and FedEx have spoken out against shipping items that can be used to make deadly weapons. Another 3D printer company, Stratasys, refused to rent one of their products to the group after learning its intended use.

Though they’re meant as political statements, there’s little that can done with regulating the use of products like 3D printers. That, in essence, defeats the purpose of the open-sourced ideals behind their capabilities.

MarkForged founder Greg Mark says himself in the video: “We’ve now enabled you to print carbon fiber, and God knows what you’re going to do with it.”

Cody Wilson and his team know what they’re going to do, and MarkForged and companies like them may no be able to stop it from happening.


H/T Wired

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Gun Group Will Pay $15,000 If You Buy Them a Carbon Fiber 3D Printer [VIDEO]