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Watch This Major Shooting Fail: The Gun That Got Away

the gun that got away

Sometimes you step up to take an impressive shot and all you end up with is the gun that got away.

Everyone who shoots wants to make impressive shots. Unfortunately many people mistakenly think that shooting a bigger gun means that it’s a more impressive shot.

So instead of hitting a shot that actually requires skill, what they end up with is a shooting fail where they either bust their face with the recoiling gun or, like we see here, the only video they get is of the gun that got away.

What you have is what appears to be someone shooting a 600 nitro express pistol, with a 1040-grain shell with no bracing whatsoever.

In this case it’s not a lack of skill, just a lack of thought. No one would be able to hold this weapon the way he is and shoot it properly. Some may be able to hold on to it but it still wouldn’t be the prettiest of shots.

You do have to give him credit for at least hitting his target . . .


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Watch This Major Shooting Fail: The Gun That Got Away