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Gun-Friendly Town in Pennsylvania Shows Off New Welcome Signs

Fox News

Pennsylvania town posts welcome signs warning criminals the population may be armed.

Conoy Township, Pennsylvania posted some new welcome signs on the edge of town. "Welcome to Conoy Twp," they say. But there's an additional message on the signs.


According to reports, the township's board of supervisors voted unanimously to put up the signs. Most major entrances to the town of 3,000 people are covered by the 12 signs now up. Three more are planned. The supervisors want any potential criminals who might venture in to town to know they may be met with resistance.

Potentially armed resistance.

"I think even those who have bad intentions can read," said town supervisor Stephen Mohr. Mohr went on to say the intent is to welcome law abiding visitors to town, and that they should feel safe while visiting. But he wants criminals to know they could, "have a bad day."

Anti-gun groups, like the Brady Campaign, called the signs, "silly." The executive director of Cease Fire Pennsylvania said of the signs would promote, "a shoot first, Wild West mentality." Mohr pointed out that Conoy residents are not under any obligation to own a firearm.

Residents of Conoy were ambivalent about the signs. Motorcycle shop operator Lyle Rider said, "I guess it's a good idea. But it's going to take more than just a sign -- I don't think that would deter a hardened criminal."

At least one other town is considering similar signs. Greenleaf, Idaho will bring the idea to the city council in March.

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Gun-Friendly Town in Pennsylvania Shows Off New Welcome Signs