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A Gun-Free America, Or How to Eliminate the 2nd Amendment

As a people, Americans are not as nearly divided on one subject as they are on the 2nd Amendment.

Though it appears to be a straightforward issue, in actuality, the debate over the 2nd Amendment is a blurred and gray one that requires a vast amount of knowledge and facts, both historical and statistical, in order to determine the future outcome.

In light of this past year, where gun violence has streaked across news page around the country, anti-gun warriors have taken to Facebook, Twitter, and all other forms of social media to discuss their opinions.

However, change doesn’t occur easily. Want a gun-free America? ReasonTV explains how to make it happen.

Warning: one expletive used, which makes this PG-13.

To begin, ReasonTV is a libertarian YouTube channel that, in this video, accurately and neutrally describes all of the ways.  The first step to eliminating or changing a law that one does not like is to begin in Congress. The President is, essentially, a figurehead of the American government that does hold power, but not nearly enough as our beloved legislative branch. Government class 101 – thanks, Mr. Kerr!

So, you want to make a change? Whether you are aiming for more gun freedom or are looking to limit it, vote in your midterm election. However, most Americans don’t. Voter participation in midterm elections, where House and Senate seats are elected, is anywhere from 11 to 21 percent lower in turnout than the Presidential election.

You’ve voted for your candidate and Congress was able to unite for the first time in a long time to eliminate the 2nd Amendment like you wanted? Well, okay. Alcohol was also legally outlawed in the 1920s through Prohibition, but the streets of metropolitan cities were drenched in bathtub gin.

And not surprisingly, the anti-alcohol rhetoric used then mimics the anti-gun rhetoric used now in an eerily similar way. Despite the rebuttal present that alcohol does not compare in any way to the magnitude of gun control, I remain neutral in begging the questions that need to be asked: was the environment of the US in the 1920s fundamentally different than it is today? Yes, a thousand times yes. Was that anti-alcohol rhetoric present and powerful enough to enact change? Yes. Did it truly make a difference for the better? Well, no.

So skipping ahead to Step 5, now that the 2nd Amendment has been eliminated, a multitude of new laws have been created to deal with the elimination of firearms, and the population is literally divided with force, what will you do with the 350 million guns in America? Where will they go? Will you be able to stop illegal gun smuggling? Here, the age-old argument that we all learned as children applies: when someone wants to do something, no matter how difficult, they will find a way to do it.

So these five easy steps, hey, they seem so easy! But in reality, they aren’t, and there still will be gun problems following the elimination of the 2nd Amendment, as much as social media warriors would like to pretend that there wouldn’t.

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A Gun-Free America, Or How to Eliminate the 2nd Amendment