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These Gun Fails Give Women Shooters a Bad Name [VIDEO]

Come on ladies. If you can't handle a gun, don't try. You make the rest of us women shooters look bad.

It doesn't matter if you're wearing a bikini or not, stupid is stupid. Like carrying a loaded shotgun while on a bicycle. Who does that crap?

These ladies, that's who. Check out these epic fails to see why these women shooters give the rest of us a bad name.

Warning: Not safe for work. 

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From burnt boobs to bicycles, these girls with guns are not only a disaster, they're dangerous.

I'm completely baffled as to how anyone could think giving these two women shooters a loaded gun was a good idea. Especially for something like extreme outdoors.

But I guess if they're in bikinis then it's okay...

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These Gun Fails Give Women Shooters a Bad Name [VIDEO]