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Here's How a True Gun Enthusiast Chooses to Shotgun Beer [VIDEO]

If you like guns, and things being blown to pieces in slow motion, you are going to love this video!

Law enforcement agencies are stepping up their efforts against drunk driving from small towns to big cities all across the country.

The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign runs until September 1st, and to help drive the point home, RatedRR has created this amazingly artistic video of beer cans and liquor bottles exploding in slow motion via shotgun blasts. It's a very creative way, so to speak, to shotgun beer.

Here are some other great shooting videos to check out:

Even though this video is very entertaining, there is a serious message behind it.

Just like the man in this video said, take a taxi, Uber, or at least have a designated driver assigned among your friends when you go out for a night of drinking. If all else fails, just be the designated driver yourself.

It will at least save you from waking up with your head feeling like that case of beer. That in and of itself is reason enough.

What did you think of the video?

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Here's How a True Gun Enthusiast Chooses to Shotgun Beer [VIDEO]