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Gun District: Social Media for Gun Owners

Gun District

Introducing Gun District, a new pro-gun social media to share our gun-related lives.

In our online and always-connected worlds, social media is one of those things we can’t avoid. It helps us stay connected with friends and family; we can get instant updates about news and events happening all around us. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. All these names are just thrown around as natural additions to the English language.

“When you get a chance, post it on my Facebook.”

“Can you retweet that so I can retweet it?”

These sentences are now part of our daily interactions with the people around us.

But some of these social media giants have made it pretty clear where they stand on our gun rights. For example, Facebook recently has been limiting gun-related posts, shutting down gun-related pages and groups, even banning people for gun-related “for sale” posts or picture posts. A lot of gun owners are tired of this, but until something better comes along, we are stuck with Facebook.

At least we were until recently. Now we have a new option. I would like to present to you, Gun District. Gun District is a new all pro-gun social media site made specifically for gun owners. It’s basically the new Facebook of the gun world. With just your email address and a few minutes, you can sign up and create your profile with as much, or as little, information as you want.

Gun District
Gun District

Beta Phase

Gun District is owned and operated by Legally Armed Marketing and is still in the beta testing phase, so they are still working out all the kinks and bugs in the system. But don’t let that scare you off. They are taking new signups daily already. The idea of the site is it will be a place where gun owners can freely come and socialize in a Facebook-style setting and share information. You can create pages, groups and your own profile just like on Facebook. Everything is easy and free.

Navigation is quick and easy. When you log in you are presented with a running timeline of things that have been posted on the site, the posts that have likes, and other page information. Across the top is the navigation menu and there is even a column for events that have been created on the site.

Want to sell a handgun on your social media page? Gun District does that too with classified ads.

When I heard about it, I went ahead and joined the site to check it out and see its features. I was easily able to create a page for my blog that you can check out, and filled out my profile.

If you are looking for a new social media website that is gun friendly, you can’t get any more friendly than Gun District. As sites like Facebook become more and more restrictive to their members, sites like this are a breath of fresh air to those who want to stay connected to others with similar passions. Remember that this is a newer site and it is still in its growing phase, but it will continue to grow and be an excellent resource for many years to come.

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Gun District: Social Media for Gun Owners