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Gun Control Activists Push Cabela’s to Change Policies on Firearm Sales

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Anti-gun groups rally for Cabela’s to change how it sells its firearms.

Various anti-gun groups the country over are targeting Cabela’s and their policies regarding gun sales. They are asking the major retailer to change how it sells its firearms while using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

According to Federal law, any licensed firearms dealer can transfer or sell a gun upon receiving the thumbs up from the NICS program run by the FBI. In rare instances a “delay” can be given and it falls upon the dealers shoulders as to whether or not to allow the sale after three days.

The loophole for some prohibited gun purchasers has been nicknamed “The Charleston Loophole.” This nickname unfortunately comes from how 21-year-old Dylann Roof obtained the firearm he used to kill nine people at a Charleston church earlier this year.

The FBI admitted the purchase was their fault as Roof had felony drug charges on his record. The background check team made the mistake of not ending the sale while they searched the wrong police department during his background check.

The two main groups pushing for this change at Cabela’s are Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. They have teamed up to begin a large social media campaign asking Cabela’s to halt allowing guns to be purchased after receiving the “delay” status, even after the three-day grace period.

One post from the Everytown site reads, “Retailers have the right– and responsibility– to delay a gun sale until a background check is completed. But Cabela’s, one of the largest gun retailers in the country, will sell to anyone after three business days have passed, even if their background check is incomplete.”

Moms Demand Change is telling Cabela’s they need to make the change themselves before it is forced upon them by Congress legislation saying, “Until Congress closes this loophole, it’s up to corporate America to do the right thing.”

Cabela’s has failed to comment on any of the accusations the two groups are making and has not made any changes in its current policies as of yet. They continue to be the forefront of the groups attacks though as they are publicly shamed and being called responsible for mass killings.

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Gun Control Activists Push Cabela’s to Change Policies on Firearm Sales