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Gun Club Forces University of Delaware to Pay for Ammunition


Despite initial reluctance, the University of Delaware allotted $500 to the new Students for the Second Amendment club for ammunition.

In a stunning, yet small victory for campus gun rights, the Students for the Second Amendment at University of Delaware forced their Allocation Board to cut them a $500 check to buy ammunition for their club.

Tyler Yzaguirre is a senior at the University of Delaware and is one of the founding members of the Students for the Second Amendment Club. Yzaguirre has previously stated the school was reluctant to recognize the group when they first started out.

"We're the first pro-constitution, pro-second amendment club at the University of Delaware," Yzaguirre told NBC Philadelphia.

The group hosts speakers on campus and teaches responsible firearms use. They successfully brought Fox News commentator Katie Pavlich to campus--although the event was met with a lot of backlash. Here's the mission of the group as listed on their Facebook group:

We are a Registered Student Organization at the University of Delaware. We advocate for our Second Amendment rights and teach responsible firearm ownership. We remain politically unaffiliated and welcome everybody.

The University of Delaware, like most American universities, is a gun-free zone.

When pressed about the move to pay for the group's ammunition, University of Delaware issued the following statement:

"The University of Delaware's Allocation Board maintains a procedure for funding its 350-plus registered student organizations.

"The Students for the Second Amendment group followed the proper procedure; the Allocation Board reviewed the request and determined it met the necessary criteria for funding.

"The University prohibits the possession, storage, or use of firearms or ammunition on University property. The ammunition purchased by the students will not be stored on campus."

The university currently forbids concealed carry on their campus. Yzaguirre and his group have stressed they will continue to keep firearms off campus.

Despite some disagreement from the student body, this move by University of Delaware is a good first step in the right direction for advancing Second Amendment rights on campus. More gun groups should be welcomed and given equal access to campus funding that other groups enjoy.

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Gun Club Forces University of Delaware to Pay for Ammunition