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The Gun Box Redefines Accessible Handgun Storage

Handgun storage for home protection just got a face lift, and it’s called The Gun Box.

The Gun Box is a revolutionary way for gun owners to store handguns nearby safely and securely, while allowing users access at lightning speeds. The unit is portable, sports a sleek, modern design and can only be opened by you.

There are three models currently available: the RF ($249), Biometric ($299) and Premier ($475) models. The way the RF model works is through an RFID scanner on The Gun Box, which responds to an RFID chip embedded in a specially made Gun Box wristband. Simply waving the wristband in front of the scanner opens The Gun Box.

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The Biometric model uses a fingerprint scanner to open, but also leaves the option of using the RFID scanner. The Premier model features GPS tracking and alert notifications when the unit is being tampered with, in addition to the fingerprint and RFID scanners.

Even though The Gun Box’s design is sleek and easy on the eyes, it is built tough. The Gun Box is made of aircraft strength aluminum alloy, which also has a melting temperature of 1000 degrees. It has to be plugged in to operate, but a battery back-up allows for weeks of portable use.

The designers have even integrated USB ports to allow for charging up to two mobile devices.

According to Ryan Hyde, The Gun Box developer, there are two schools of thought about gun storage among current gun owners. There are those that keep firearms in a traditional lock-and-key safe in a hidden location, and those that “sacrifice safety for accessibility” by keeping their gun in locations like in a nightstand drawer. There are also those that wish to own handguns for home protection but don’t know of an accessible storage option.

Hyde touts The Gun Box is the “solution to all of these problems.”

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It does seem the engineers who designed and brought The Gun Box to life have thought of nearly everything to put into a storage system that is readily accessible, but also safe enough to store in plain sight.

What do you think; would you purchase and use The Gun Box? How do you store your guns? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Gun Box Redefines Accessible Handgun Storage