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Gulper Catfish Swallows Another Fish Whole

This gulper catfish swallowed another fish its same size whole! 

This Asterophysus Batrachus also know as the Torpedo Catfish or Gulper Catfish swallows a neighboring fish in its entirety. How this is possible is beyond me.

Imagine trying to swallow another human being whole. It is unthinkable, yet somehow this gulper catfish knows exactly how to not starve.

Caution: this is intense.

It would be one thing if the catfish decided to eat one of the smaller shiners in the tank, but no, its eyes were bigger than its stomach and decided to go for the absolute biggest.

The catfish isn’t even subtle about his attack. He just goes right after the fish and eventually suffocates it.

If you’re looking for a new species for your tank make sure there are not any high priced fish that this gulper catfish will make a meal out of.



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Gulper Catfish Swallows Another Fish Whole